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My Favorite Artists: Inspired by Chardin

Jean Siméon Chardin Pears Walnuts and Glass of Wine WGA04784I love Jean-Pierre Simeon Chardin (1699-1779), a French artist who painted beautiful, calm still-life paintings.  He was a recent favorite that we studied in class.  We gathered "Chardinesque" items, and set up a still-life inspired by Chardin.   At the beginning of each painting class, we spend 20-30 minutes creating a small color study/oil painting with a palette knife.  The painting above titled, Pears, Walnuts, Glass of Wine, by Chardin looks very inviting and peaceful.  Here is the still-life we were inspired to set-up--the objects, their arrangement, the composition and eye level a la Chardin.

ChardingInspStill LifePhotoColor

Our still-life:  Bread, Water, Artichoke and Radishes 

Here is the palette knife painting (5" x 5", oil on panel) that I completed in class and a quick graphite sketch. 

ChardinInspiredStill lifePaletteKnife


Pencil Sketch Chardin Insp

Next time, would love to capture Chardin's diffused light, soft edges and beautiful gradations! Stay tuned for more inspirations from our favorite artists!


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