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Six properties of an oil paint color

TechnBoardw grayscale 2
TechnBoardw grayscale3
There are many ways to learn the properties of the oil paint colors on your palette and they all have to do with actually painting. What are the properties of an oil paint color?  Here are my top 6 questions that I ask myself when painting with a color: 1....
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Technique Boards with Draw-Downs (oil paints)

    Pears , Oil on panel, 10" x 8" Whenever I start a new intro class of indirect painting, every student wants to immediately complete a stunning, multi-layered painting during the first class.  Instead, they diligently (and a little grumpily) begin by personally getting to know each color on...
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Blog Introduction

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I'm Lisa Fisher Johnson, a professional artist and art teacher--my passions are painting, drawing, sculpting and teaching.  Especially using old master methods and techniques. I own Fisher Johnson Studios, a fine arts studio dedicated to creating contemporary art using classical methods.  I received my M.F.A....
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