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What happens at a teen painting party?


  • A painting party for teens usually lasts for 2 1/2  hours
  • teenpartyGuests arrive and enjoy refreshments for the first 10-15 minutes.
  • Once all guest have arrived, everyone enters the studio and has a seat at their station.
  • At each station, everything is laid out for you--brushes are arranged in order of use, paints are labelled on your palette, and your canvas is prepare with the drawing and ground color.
  • We even have a smock for each person.
  • You will receive expert "follow-the-leader" style instruction from Lisa--from which brush to use, how to mix colors, how and where to apply paint.
  • After painting for about 45-50 minutes, we take a break for about 20 minutes to enjoy cake and ice-cream (can be provided on request.)
  • You then return to the studio for additional step-by-step instructions.
  • During this time, your one-on-one assistance is provided as needed.
  • You are provided with a box to transport your completed painting.


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