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We offer creative, comprehensive lesson plans for art educators for middle school and high school--grades 6th-12th.





TeacherwithStudentBenefits of our lesson plans:

Learning Objectives Listed: technical and conceptual

  • Art History examples
  • Clear, easy to follow instructions
  • Photos of completed student projects 
  • List of 
    materials needed, including how to set-up stations for good studio practices
  • Written resources and handouts: downloadable hand-outs, instru
  • ctions, warm-up exercises, vocabulary, and photography
  • Assessments
  • Demonstration materials
  • Critique Protocol
  • Sources of inspiration


Here is one lesson plan, available at no charge, for you to review and use in your classroom!

Gray Scale: Effects of Light on Geometric Form (focusing on one inorganic form: sphere)

Student grayscale chart Sphere 2

  • Gray Scale: tonal gradations 0-5
  • Vocabulary: names and definitions of terms such as: transition area, zone of tangency, reflected light, and cast shadow
  • Techniques of Mark-making: hatching, cross-hatching, squiggly lines
  • Materials: graphite and charcoal
  • Critique Protocol (all levels): How to give constructive, kind, and truthful feedback

GrayscaleBoard3 Sphere photocharcoal sphere2

Also included with this lesson plan:
  • Photography to download and print for additional projects
  • Brief Art History background 
  • Artist of the month: Each month, we feature one of our favorite artists from the past.  We provide you with:
  • A short bio on the artist and a few samples of major works
  • An artistic analysis of one of their works of art, in a worksheet format 
 Contact us to receive this complimentary introductory lesson plan!