Creative RetreatsUsing Creativity to Expand Team Building, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


Creative Retreats for Corporations


Our creative philosophy

Creativity is innate--it is inside every person and is essential to our being.  Because creativity already exists in you, we can not teach anyone to be creative, but we can teach you how to let yourself be creative.



Why hold a corporate creativity retreat?

Succeeding in business requires constant change, growth and improvement.  To do this, your business needs a constant stream of ideas and new, creative ways of inventing and problem-solving.

A creative retreat provides a supportive environment for your team--a place, time, tools and an activity that lets everyone be creative.


What is different about a creative retreat?

By creating a work of art in a group setting with co-workers, you are able to fully immerse yourself in the creative process.  By painting a landscape or creating a sculpture, you are trying something that is new, different, and a little scary.  Are you going to flub?  Along the way, probably.  But when you have successfully completed your painting or sculpture, you will have experienced the positive results of letting yourself be creative in a supportive, nurturing environment.


What happens at a creative retreat?

BusinessCasual6t2We can customize a creative retreat to fit your company's needs and goals;

  • On-site or off-site
  • 2 hours or 2 days
  • A 2-D painting or a 3-D sculpture

We meet with you to discuss your ideas and goals.

We research and recommend an artist, a subject matter or a theme that will complement your goals.

We provide you with a sample painting or sculpture and an estimate.

What have other companies done for their creative retreat?

  • One of our clients, a financial investment firm, treated their top team to a tour of a Picasso retrospective.  Their day started with a trip to the museum, then a 2 hour retreat where they learned to let themselves be creative and they completed their own Picasso-inspired paintings to take home.  
  • Another client, a pediatric hospice practice, chose artist Mary Cassatt for her love of and portrayal of children in her artwork.  Their team painted Mary Cassatt inspired paintings and they chose to frame and display them in their office.  
  • Another physician treated her entire practice to a 3 hour evening retreat (catered) in lieu of their regular holiday office party.  All 20 members of her staff completed a beautiful original landscape oil painting that was ready to take home and be framed.

What are some basic creativity concepts our group will learn? 


  • Our top 3 "rules" of creativity (we have 12 total) 
    1. Don't be scared!
    2. Try new things!
    3. Learn the rules so you can break them
  • Critique protocol--positive language used to give and receive constructive, supportive feedback
  • Experience new ways of doing things


Benefits to your company and individual team members:

  • Building trust
  • Improving morale
  • Strengthens bonds
  • Learning by doing
  • Flexibility
  • Adapting quickly to change
  • Fosters creative problem-solving
  • Customize a retreat specific to your needs

We believe a corporate creativity retreat is a great investment in your company's creative capital!