Art Instruction: Indirect Oil Painting Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Indirect Oil Painting--Intermediate and Advanced


Indirect Oil Painting--Intermediate and Advanced

Level: Intermediate and Advanced or by permission with portfolio review

Continue your studies of materials, paint application techniques, color theory and color mixing in this atelier setting.  Because the indirect method requires drying time between layers of glazes, you will be working on 3-5 paintings at once.  

To further develop and hone your powers of observing, and learning to see as a painter, we begin each class with a short, timed "alla prima" or direct method painting.  This exercise of a smaller painting, painted quickly in the direct method, is completed from life, a different still-life set-up each week (no photography).  Working directly from life is a daily practice that painters use to sharpen their ability to see and observe.  

We then continue our study of classical, indirect oil painting by working on our individual old master copies, or your original work from your original photographic reference material (or photographic references that you have obtained written permission to use.)

Each class features instructor demonstrations, individual instruction, and group critiques.

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I don't know where I would be had I not signed up for that first drawing class, taught by the most amazing artist and teacher--you! You changed my life and I will be forever grateful."


My 6 paintings just sold ...Whenever I succeed, I'm grateful to you!


The offerings are continually teacher is wonderful!


Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of our daughter. We know that it took many hours and great attention to the tiniest of detail. The way that you photographed her, your assistance in selecting the clothing, every step you took such pride of workmanship. We will treasure it for many years to come!


Lisa is a truly amazing artist who shares her gifts and talents with others with plenty of creativity, authenticity, wisdom, warmth and fun!