Art Instruction: Classical Drawing I Level: Beginniners/Introductory

Classical Drawing I

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Classical Drawing 1

Level: Beginners/Introductory

You will learn the classical, essential basics of drawing: line, value, proportion, the effect of light on forms, the elements of design and composition, and color theory.  Students will learn to see and accurately draw three-dimensional volumes in space--with knowledge of highlight, shadow, zone of tangency, cast shadow and reflected light.  Class exercises and still-life set-ups are designed to expand your drawing and observational skills.

You will also learn the classical method of "sight-size drawing" which gives you the technical skill to accurately draw what you see.You will learn to work with different drawing media--graphite, charcoal, sanguine and pastels.  As you complete the classes and assignments, you will develop drawing skills and your own individual style.  Each class features instructor demonstrations, individual instruction and group critiques.